This is your data journey. As we see the world evolve, we sense the growing importance of information. Your competitors are seeking an information advantage by learning more about their customers (and perhaps your customers). Companies are experimenting with the customer experience to create closer connections with their customers. Some leverage their information into new offerings, shifting business models and tilting the playing field. This large-scale change is happening in every industry. This is more than a report or a dashboard.

This is disciplined exploration of how data will transform your business. This is innovation that matters.


Focus on business value. We help our clients to transform their businesses through the use of data to make better decisions, see ahead of the market and build exceptional relationships with their customers. Our approach ensures that our solutions are always anchored to the things in your business that truly matter and that the solutions and capabilities we deliver are tailored to the needs of your organization.

True transformation creates direct business value.


Draw upon our experiences as advisors, industry experts and deep data practitioners.

Listen + Share. Building a transformative solution requires an understanding of your ecosystem and an appreciation of the journey you’ve been on. We deliver well-integrated solutions that move the business needle while also being thoroughly instrumented and easily supported by your operations team. We take care to bring your technical teams along on the journey, listen to and involve them in the right ways. We apply best-in-class, cloud-forward technology and design patterns. Our architects and engineers bring you decades of solution design and architecture experience.

Leverage Coppei Data & Insights as a skilled, disciplined development partner. Draw upon our experience as advisors, industry experts and deep data practitioners.


Delivering a successful critical business initiative is a simple matter of following a prescriptive delivery model, right? How hard can it be. You identify your most valuable business subject matter experts (SMEs) and form a super team of high performers to camp in a dedicated conference room and mind-meld their way into an elegant plan to deliver optimal value to your business, regulatory, finance, sales, marketing, and information technology organizations. They might not have a firm handle on industry best practices, or application platform expertise, or ready-to-use tools, but they know your business inside and out and they have a long track record of delivering greater value to the organization relative to their peers.

The question then becomes, “How far can you stretch your dream team of SMEs?” Are they capable of performing their existing job, while also tackling the intense pressure of a high profile business critical initiative. If the answer is no, then a decision must be made to pull them out of their existing high value roles and replace them with personnel that is less qualified to drive business value into the role. Now you are in a position where you have marginalized both an existing business critical function and a business critical initiative by placing your high value resource in an uncomfortable position. A position that has a higher probability of career failure for them than success. A misstep of this nature creates both a subtle and dramatic ripple effect to your organization as a whole. The business critical initiative will suffer delays, cost overruns, and deliver sub-optimal business ROI (the trifecta), and your superstar employees will suffer a crisis of confidence and will often lead to these very organizational stars looking for new opportunities.

Utilizing an external resource is often a great catalyst to bring in new ideas, elevate your internal staff, and question the status quo.

The process of delivering a successful business critical initiative is a very specific discipline that requires targeted expertise to isolate business, statutory, and support requirements, define essential program deliverables, crystalize Key Performance Indicators, develop and deliver data driven and actionable reporting metrics, and lead the core team, extended team, and stakeholders through a complex mine field of business and technical challenges to a successful delivery that is fully supportable.

Utilizing an external resource is often a great catalyst to bring in new ideas, elevate your internal staff, and question the status quo. Whether we are talking about a single targeted project (Project Management), a complex program investment involving multiple projects (Program Management), or a top down portfolio of organizational investments to support business goals (Portfolio Management), Coppei has the right team to help you implement solutions that are well thought out and fit in with your work environment and culture. In addition, we have world-class Business Analysts, Technical Release Managers, Product Development Managers, Solution Managers, and Organizational Change Managers to guide your initiative through the mine field. Coppei Partners is a trusted Delivery Leadership advisory services partner to many of the most respected companies in the Pacific Northwest. You can trust Coppei.


Coppei Partners is a trusted Delivery Leadership advisory partner to many of the most respected companies in the Pacific Northwest.


Remember back years ago when your company made the largest single business and technology investment in the history of the company. You spent millions of dollars, or tens of millions of dollars, or maybe more. You brought in a brand name multi-national consulting firm as the primary system integrator. In addition, you hired SAP Platinum consultants to QA the architectural plan and double-check the strategy, to ensure you were maximizing the value of your investment. Despite the multi-national consulting firm using their “proprietary delivery methodology” and implementation tools, it took three times longer than promised to implement your SAP platform. Your business user community felt abandoned and lost in the process. Your IT support team un-friended you on social media. Your executives felt like they had been hoodwinked. You haven’t slept well since the day you kicked off the SAP initiative. You lost years off of your life. However, your business is now dependent on SAP and you cannot remember how life worked before you implemented it. The road has been bumpy, but the big picture ROI is real.


Coppei is your local, in-market partner, able to pull in world class expertise to solve for your biggest opportunities and challenges.

Whether your organization is transforming your enterprise resource planning environment to a S/4HANA, Business By Design, or Business One cloud based solution in whole or part, or you need a SAP-certified professional services partner to help maximize the value of your existing R/3 investment, Coppei is here to provide world-class Architecture, ABAP Development, Configuration, Business/Data Analytics, Project Delivery Leadership, Release Management, and Test Management consulting services. As the largest single people, process, and technology investment your organization will make, it is important to engage a local trusted advisor to guide your employees through complex technology platform and business process decisions that will impact the success of your investment for years to come, as well as, provide quality assurance advisory services across the breadth of off-shore and onshore vendor service firms. Coppei is not your multi-national off-shore full boat system integrator. We are your local in-market partner. We understand your business. Your actual business. We will partner with you to provide targeted professional services to protect and enhance the value of your investment. We are your trusted SAP Advisors. We are your neighbors. We are your friends. Coppei will not let you down.


We are your trusted advisors. We are your neighbors. We are your friends. Coppei will not let you down.