OK, let’s start with the name Coppei.  What does it mean and how in the world do you pronounce it. To answer the latter first, it is pronounced “copy-eye”. Contrary to popular belief, it is not pronounced, “co-pay”, “co-pay-eye”, “copy”, or our favorite, “copper”. We attribute great significance to the proper pronunciation of the word Coppei, specifically with regard to the distinct enunciation of the letter “i”. The “i” stands for You in a slightly abstract way, but in the most literal sense, the “i” stands for “individuals”.

Coppei, at its core, is a collection of incredible individuals. People of great integrity. Hardworking, honest, experienced, and intelligent people. Most important of all, however, it is a collection of truly kind hearted, generous people. Our people are what make us special. We will never be the biggest management consulting firm in the world, but our commitment to attracting, hiring, and retaining the highest quality human beings on the planet will never waver, nor will our loyalty to our people. The rich tapestry of our individuals creates the Coppei Family and for us, family always comes first.

What this means for our clients, is that they get to partner with a local in-market consulting firm that is brimming with globally experienced senior level consultants. World class experience. Innovative thought leaders. Big 4 trained consultants who roll their sleeves up and help our partners drive their initiatives forward and maximize their business investments. We do this by partnering with the best companies in the world and helping them strategically solve their most pressing business challenges. Our clients are our partners, and we only succeed as a firm if our clients succeed.


Alright, so what about the origin of the name Coppei. The original name of our firm was Coppei Creek Consulting. We are named after one of the most pristine free flowing natural creeks in the world. The Coppei Creek flows through the beautiful rolling hills of the Blue Mountains in the Walla Walla Valley. It nourishes acclaimed vineyards, farms, and historic towns. We chose the name Coppei Creek as a symbolic gesture to the purity, singular focus, and regional specificity of our firm’s purpose. We deliver high quality, consistent, trusted advisory services to our client partners to help nurture and grow their most valuable assets. Long term partnership is so important to us that we rebranded our name from Coppei Creek to Coppei Partners, further emphasizing our commitment to attracting and developing great partnerships. Learn more about Coppei through the stories of our people.